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My very own journal: entry one
Okay, here I am... in the Live Journal... right...

Now where should I begin?

It was a cold night in November about a quarter century ago when I came in to the world all pink and crying. I can't really remember much, but I heard that my masterful skills were immediately shown in the first days of my life when I managed to pee in my eye. My sister never stopped touting that feat, I guess she is just jealous.

Oh dammit, my first blog post and I'm already falling into the nether regions. Will not happen again. Btw, I'm sorry if my text is full of grmarmmary eroeres and other mistakes, english is not my first language. That settled, let's continue...

I was really sturdy when I was born, alot bigger that my brother and sister were. It's funny because most of my life I have been very tall and skinny. No matter what I eat, I just don't get weight. To be honest, I never wasn't the first one in the dinner table, though,  it was just more interesting to play and study things, while eating was a necessary routine. Candy, on the other hand, I really liked. In my country we have a saying that you should not eat candy the way you eat bread, which just means that you should not eat too much of it.  My dad used to say that to me a lot. Unfortunately, I was too young to understand the sense of that phrase, and just tried  to chew candy in a different way than I chew bread by opening my mouth really wide, and was very confused when I still got the same rebukes.

I spent the first two years of my life living in a block of flats, while my father was constructing us a new house. The house was build in the same land that my father's family had owned for a few generations. It's really nice place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by fields and forests, with a lake nearby. That kind of environment sure gave limitless possibilities for a kid to come up with all sorts of adventures. I cannot even dream what it would have been like to grow up in a busy suburban area, without the space to move freely around. My high school principal agreed, he used to say that you should build your house in a place where you can just open the front door and pee straight out without anyone noticing. I really liked that guy, I but I wouldn't want to visit his porch.

I'm a bit tired, so I think I'll wrap this up for now. I'm not sure if I'm interested enough to keep up with this writing thing, but we'll see. If I do continue, I promise there will be less peeing in the future. Cheers!

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